Powdered Mineral Foundation

Mineral make-up is one of the fastest growing products in the cosmetics industry right now. Our make-up is made of micronized, highly reflective crystals that reflect light to smooth fine lines and blemishes. And since mineral cosmetics are made with pigments from the earth, they’re much healthier than those containing petroleum dyes.
Mineral cosmetics also have SPF 15 sun protective properties, so they keep your skin healthy and protected. Our cosmetics do not support the growth of bacteria or microbes, and pose a lower risk of allergic reaction. In fact, they are great for use on skin recovering from harsh medical procedures, and on problem skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and discoloration. A small amount on a blending brush will provide coverage that will last all day.
Each foundation comes with a soft goat’s hair brush that has been carefully sheared goats hair without any harm to the animal.

Liquid Mineral Foundation

Our liquid foundation is very light because of the soy lipids and soy amino acids contained in this formula. We have added natural mineral micas for coloring, providing the same natural SPF 15 protection as our powdered foundation. Glycerine, Aloe and Chamomile will sooth your skin and give the appearance of natural flawless glow.

Mineral Blushes

Our velvety smooth, feather-light blushes are perfect for every aspiring blushing beauty. Anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and soothe the skin while promoting healthy collagen.

Mineral Eyeshadows

Like our foundations and blushes our eyeshadows are made from natural colored minerals. Apply to your eye dry or for a bolder look, wet your brush then apply.

Lip Sticks

Our special blend of Sweet Almond oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Jojoba Protein provides a rich moisturizing, long lasting coverage for your lips, even after drinking hot coffee. The Mica Colors and the Jojoba Protein also gives you a SPF 15 protection and superior coverage that helps prevent wrinkles. The color of the stick is darker then when it is applied to your lips.

Customer Feedback:

Christel, QLD, Australia It feels like I have not even put on any lipstick, yet it colors and moisturizes my lips. It does not wear off, even when I drink a cup of coffee.