Announcing a New Product Line and Fundraiser

Posted December 4th, 2011 by admin

We are proud to announce “The Russell Means Line – Angelia ”. Longtime friend, Elder, Lakota leader, founder of A.I.M., actor and activist Mr. Russell Means has approved the new product line that reminds us we are all related in this circle of life.

Mr. Means was diagnosed with throat cancer this past summer, but current reports he “is more than 80 percent recovered and he is 95 percent healthy.” He declined conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, going with alternative medicine and American Indian traditional medicines. Mr. Means is living proof that alternative/traditional medicines work and that “the war on cancer” is nothing but propaganda aimed at lining the pockets of the medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Medicare or other insurances do not cover the cost of any alternative treatments, placing the burden solely on the patient’s shoulders. Currently the cost of Mr. Means’ treatment is $1,000 a day, plus $1,000 a month in living expenses. In an effort to help raise funds for continued treatments, Little Spirit Products will donate 25% of all sales proceeds to the “The Russell Means Healing Fund”.

Please join us in celebrating the gift of life each and every day with products that are not harmful to our Mother Earth or ourselves. Migwetch

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