North American Indian Beauty Secrets Released

Posted September 25th, 2010 by admin

Russell Means introduces Angelia’s Beauty and Skin products from our Earth Mother which release the beauty secrets of the American Indian.

Ever wondered why North American women exude that unattainable natural beauty, why their skin is so smooth and subtle? Well, you no longer need to be bewildered, the secret is embodied in the new Angelia line of Beauty and Skin products introduced by Russell Means.

It might seem strange that Russell Means, who is known for his stance against the white man’s oppression of his people would share such secrets, but it is high time that matriarchy should set the course for the future of human kind. It is imperative that all women of this world should reap the benefits of our Mother Earth.


Click on the Image to view The Russell Means Line of Angelia Lotions and Cosmetics by Little Spirit Products

Join the women who have already tried the products we offer. Here are their comments.

Mary, QLD, Australia Since I used this nail conditioner, my nails are stronger and have a luster like nail polish.

Pat, SD, USA My foundation goes on so effortlessly now, my skin feels amazing after just a couple applications. My husband even said I look younger.

Jenny, QLD, Australia It’s fantastic! It’s not sticky, very smooth and the skin absorbs it quickly.

Mary, SD, USA I have tried some very expensive face serums before, but none of them have produced results like this product. I swear by your products.

Christel, QLD, Australia After a foot-bath, I put this cream on and my skin feels ever so smooth. Its like my feet are rejuvenated.

Angelia and Little Spirit Products support the T.R.E.A.T.Y. Total Immersion School.  Click here to read more about what the school aims to achieve.



3 Responses to “North American Indian Beauty Secrets Released”

  1. Christel

    Russell Means should be commended for his efforts and his insight. Being a great-grandmother, I have long held the belief that we all need to work together and appreciate not only each other but also everything that shares our planet with us. Thank you, Angelia and Little Spirit for all you are doing to bring these gifts to us.

  2. Tanja

    The beautiful creams are simply gorgeous! I especially love to put on the body lotion, as it smells incredibly delicious.

  3. Janette

    The cream is beautiful, my skin appears much better already. Even my husband has noticed the change.