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Please Watch This Video!

August 17th, 2011

As a science graduate, I am always looking for answers that others seem to either dismiss or accept “there is no other alternative”. Naturally, when my dear friend came to me and said “I have cancer, but I don’t want to do chemotherapy or radiation,” I had to search for other methods of treatment to […]

You too can help us realize the “Winnetou Movie Project”! Purchase a Baseball Cap and Bumper Sticker and support our effort to bring the Winnetou trilogy to the silver screen.

Little Spirit is a proud sponser of ‘The Winnetou Movie Project’ and has agreed to offer discounts to bronze, silver and gold members who sponsor Winnetou Production’s efforts to bring Karl May’s work to the Silver Screen. Goto Winnetou Productions for more details.


September 15th, 2009

Welcome to Little Spirit Products – the Home of Natural Skin Care. At Little Spirit Products, we believe in celebrating the wonders that Mother Earth has given us. Our skin absorbs about sixty percent of whatever we put on it, so why start out your day covering your skin with products that can damage it. […]